Residence Permits

If you wish to live partially or permanently on our island, one way is to invest in real estate. When you spend 500,000 USD or more, you will automatically get your resident permit.

For more details see “The Smartvillas advice.

Other options are:

1 / As a tourist

Every European citizen has the right with his passport and no special visa to spend 3 consecutive months in Mauritius (it is even possible to apply for an extension of 3 additional months at the Immigration Office: Passport & Immigration Office, 9 and 11 Lislet Geoffroy Street Port Louis – Tel: 210 93 12).
You can come back several times a year if you stays are not exceeding three months and if you stay less than 6 months in total during a year on the island.

2 / As a retired person

The Mauritian government through the BOI (Board of investment: a Mauritian resident status for those who wish to come over 3 months per year.
Once you’ve retired, the most suitable is the Retired Resident status granted for 3 years. In order to get it, you only have to meet certain criteria such as, have a bank account in a Mauritian bank, commit to send by bank transfer the equivalent of 40 000 USD (€ 30,000) per year (the first year in advance and at once), not to work and receive a salary from a Mauritian company and provide a bank deposit of around €2,000. This status is renewable.

3 / Professional

Investor: the business must generate annual sales exceeding 4 million rupees for an initial investment of 100 000 USD or equivalent in freely convertible foreign currency. If within the same company, more than one investor is seeking a work permit, the criteria for revenue apply to each applicant (which means 8 million rupees for two applicants,  12 million rupees for the three applicants and so on).

Employee: the basic monthly salary must exceed 45,000 rupees, and there must be evidence that Mauritian candidates cannot do the job.

Entrepreneur: the income of the business must generate an annual turnover exceeding 600,000 rupees, with an initial investment of USD 35 000 or the equivalent in freely convertible foreign currency.

Dependent of the holder of a work permit may also apply for a residence permit.

Note: that these choices can be challenged  by you if you want to change your situation (Status of Professional, status of an Investor, Entrepreneur status), but also by the immigration authorities if you do stick not your commitments.