Smartvillas will accompany you in your real estate investment in Mauritius. This purchase usually allows you to get your permanent resident permit.

The Mauritian government has set up two special regimes under which foreign nationals may acquire a property (apartment, duplex or villa) in Mauritius. What kind of property a non-Mauritian can acquire? A property in a residential development like an RES (Real Estate Scheme) or a larger type, an IRS (Integrated Resort Scheme).


Our team at Smartvillas Property is always up to date with the different IRS/RES projects in Mauritius and we aim to present you the right overview of the property market. Our goal is to listen to your needs and advise you objectively on your investment. We know our island by heart, the different projects, the quality of construction, the reputation of the promoters and the maintenance teams once the project is completed.

The sale of real estate programs is under the legal French principle called VEFA (Vente en état futur d’achèvement), which guarantees the successful completion of the program, because a bank or company gives a GFA (A Warranty End Completion). At the signing of the deed of purchase, your first payment (payment is made in several payments based on the progress of construction) is deposited in an account where the money is blocked and opened in your name in a Mauritian bank. The bank releases the money when the promoter starts the construction. They can begin only if 70% of the program has been sold since the GFA is given by the company that offers that condition.This system is implemented in the interest of the individual buyer.

The tax treatment is also an important factor in your choice. There is a tax treaty between France and Mauritius.

The advantages are significant.

  •  The income tax is of 15%
  •  No property or housing tax
  •  No tax on the capital gain on resale of property
  •  No CSG, RDS or ISF
  •  No inheritance tax.

Beyond the financial aspect is also the desire of a new life that will motivate your purchase. Mauritius is the sun, the sea, friendly people and also …

  •  Good English and French schools
  •  A health environment with private clinics and qualified doctors
  •  Languages spoken: French and English for easier adaptation

Discover these projects in the “Real Estate Projects” section with further details about the IRS and RES projects.